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Felling a tree in a redistricted area will normally require the tree to be climbed and dismantled is sections. Other times when space, safety and the trees form allows, a tree maybe felled in the traditional forestry sense of the term, by bringing to the ground using practiced methods to ensure a safe, controlled and calculated fell.
We offer the service of grinding out stumps of all sizes in any locations, whether it is a small sapling or a large tree stump. We advise to leave the grindings there as these will compost down into the hole.
We cut hedges to client’s requirements. We either do hedge reductions or just a general clip to keep its shape on a regular basis.
Crown thinning is typically undertaken to allow more light to pass through the tree, minimise wind resistance and reduce the strain on the tree of heavy branches. The work involves removal of smaller and secondary live branches but does not alter the size or overall shape of the tree.
This is undertaken to reduce the height and spread of the tree for reasons including allowing sunlight to pass through, allowing growth of neighbouring trees and reducing the trees impact on neighbouring structures. This is done by reducing the ends of the branches but maintaining the trees overall shape so that it is symmetrically pleasing to the eye and does not affect the health of the tree.
Crown lifting is undertaken to allow more light and to improve access for traffic etc as the lower branches of the tree are removed. Branches for removal are carefully selected so that the overall health of the tree is not affected.
This can include dead-wooding (removing dead wood) or dying, diseased or broken branches. This also includes severing damaging climbing plants such as ivy.
Formative pruning is for younger trees and involves removing crossing branches and secondary leaders to encourage better growth.
We sell mulch and wood chipping, please contact us for more information. Please call for prices and further information.
During stormy weather in the past we have had a number of emergency’s where tress have fallen onto houses, we have made these particular jobs a priority. Please call should you have an emergency.
We carry out annual maintenance works for many clients, from housing estates to conservation areas.
Where ever you are, we can find out quickly if your tree is protected with a Tree Preservation Order and approach the Local Authority on your dehalf.

logs for sale section

We sell seasoned logs ready for burning:
Truck load of logs £100
£4 bag of seasoned logs
£4 bag of kindling

Chilworth Conservation Area

The Chilworth Conservation Area protects 27 acres of the Chilworth Estate as a conservation resource.

This Site of Importance for Nature Conservation contains a wide range of flora and fauna habitats under the auspices of the charity Chilworth Conservation Ltd.

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